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Photo: Phillip C.S. Dambæk




For 40 years I have been professionally engaged in directing stage performances, opera, documentary films and translating international plays into English.

Since graduating from Drama Centre, London in 1980 I have had the pleasure of directing productions across the United Kingdom as well as Scandinavia.  

At national theatres as well as small-scale touring companies.

Translation work has grown out of a want to present foreign, contemporary plays to an English- speaking audience. This has resulted in productions, readings, publications and broadcasts at British and American theatres as well as London publishing houses and the BBC.

I have a passion for the transformative art of theatre and performance –investigating secret or unknown places of the psyche.

My fascination with drama and performance lies in uncovering the surface.  

To reveal the rest of the complex system also known as the human condition.

To study human interaction and its interconnecting rhythms with the surrounding world.

And so I explore the classics to bring forth their modern resonance and collaborate with contemporary playwrights on timeless themes.


Working with young or marginalized people and introducing them to performance skills holds a special place with me. For here are tools that work wonders in opening up horizons to the world – as well as equipping them with creative means to challenge the status quo.




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