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.                                   Sigurd Werring  and Bjørn Sothberg in  THE CRUCIBLE. Photo

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A MAN´S MAN.  London 



“ And to begin .......We will be reunited with ourselves and all we have lost. Bring your fear, bring your loss, bring your dirty secrets and know that summer, winter, spring and autumn will be welcome - perhaps in that order. There might be some shocks and surprises and a dance or two. There will be no need for an answer only the lifting of ourselves to a full acceptance and celebration, knowing that what is behind us lets us love in the present. There will be wise horses, fake cowboys and real Indians as well as a cat burglar and the beauty of boys and men dressed something like women. We may weep or we may merely nod our head in recognition and all will be welcome, whoever and however we are. “


Performance written and performed by Rob Hale

Directed by Kim Dambæk


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