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    Carlos Cerda  - SOMETHING IN THE AIR / LO QUE ESTA EN EL AIRE  -  Spanish

    Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

    CENSORED programme 1989


    P.O. Enquist  - THE HOUR OF THE LYNX / I LODJURETS TIMMA     -  Swedish

    Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

    BBC 2  ScreenPlay TV 1991

    Methuen Modern Playwrights publication, London 2004

Scotsman Edinburgh Fringe First Award 1990

Independent Award Nomination 1990

Feelingly translated from the Swedish - Glasgow Herald

Dambaek's translation is surefooted and idiomatically sweet - The Observer


    P.O.Enquist - RAIN SNAKES / FRÅN REGNORMARNAS LIV    -  Swedish

    Nordic Arts Festival, rehearsed reading, Barbican R.S.C. Pit, London 1992

    Nordlys @ Young Vic, London 1996 

    Methuen Modern Playwrights publication, London 2005


Critics'  Choice -  Time Out  


    V. Schøyen - GOING FOR RED / OVER TIL RØDT      -  Norwegian


    commissioned by the Norwegian Society of Playwrights 1994.

    White Bear Theatre, London 1997


   Staffan Göthe - A STUFFED DOG / EN UPPSTOPPAD HUND   -  Swedish

    commissioned by the Swedish Institute   


    Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 1995


    Peter Asmussen - YOUNG BLOOD / UNGT BLOD      -  Danish


    co-translor Charlotte Barslund

    commissioned by the Danish Centre for Literature Information

    Staged readings by NORDLYS @ Young Vic, London 1997


    Morti Vizki - NIGHTMARE / ULVETIME      -  Danish

    commisioned by Danish Radio and Danish Centre for Literature Information,   1998


    P.S. Rosenlund - AN IMPOSSIBLE BOY / EN UMULIG GUTT     -  Norwegian

    Co-translator Charlotte Barslund

    Colombine Teaterförlag, Stockholm and Norwegian Society of Playwrights - 2000


   Claus Beck Nielsen - A FINAL SONG / EN SIDSTE SANG (excerpts)      -  Danish

   Colombine Teaterförlag, Stockholm

   Danish Centre for Literature Information, 2002


    Astrid Saalbach  - THE END OF THE WORLD / VERDENS ENDE      -  Danish

    Nordiska Teaterforlag, København

    Danish Centre for Literature Information, 2004


    P.O. Enquist - IMAGE MAKERS / BILDMAKARNA     -  Swedish

    co-translator Charlotte Barslund.

    NORDLYS 1998

    Methuen Modern Playwrights publication, London 2005

    Ingmar Bergman's Dramaten production at BAM Majestic Theatre, New York 1999


    Jon Fosse - DREAM OF AUTUMN/ DRAUM OM HAUSTEN    -  Norwegian

    Colombine Teaterförlag, Stockholm

    Oberon Books publication, London 2004

    Rough Magic Theatre Co., Dublin 2006


The reassuringly familiar rhythms of Kim Dambaek's excellent translation -  The Guardian


   Harold Pinter - FEST + VÆRELSET  /  CELEBRATION + THE ROOM     - English

   Aalborg Teater, Denmark  2007


   Richard Hobert - POWER PLAY - HEAD HUNTER - SECURITY      -  Swedish

    Colombine Teaterförlag, Stockholm 2007/ 2008


   Thor Bjørn Krebs - THE BARONESS / OM BARONESSEN       -  Danish

   Colombine Teaterförlag, Stockholm 

   The Danish Arts Foundation, 2012

   Dogstar Productions, UK tour 2013

   Scandinavian American Theatre Company, Clurman Theater, New York, 2017


Your translation reads like a dream. -  Roberta Taylor, starring role, UK

 A verbal symphony. The combined writing of playwright Thor Bjørn Krebs and translator Kim              Dambaek flows beautifully -   Off Broadway Review


   Line Mørkeby – 5EX P O C / 6 P LR K      -  Danish

                             I  RUN / JEG LØBER

   Nordiska Teaterforlag, Copenhagen 2017

   The Danish Arts Foundation 2017

   I RUN :

   Cut The Cord Theatre at Drama Centre London, 2018 + Edinburgh Fringe 2019

   Oberon Books publication, London 2019


Highly recommended show Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019

   Marie Bjørn – APOCALYPSE / APOKALYPSE       -  Danish

    Cut The Cord Theatre, London for New Nordic Voices Festival online broadcast 2021

    Danish Arts Foundation 2021


Excellent work … a real pleasure working on this translation - Franciska Ery, director, UK

    Jokum Rohde / Thom Southerland - SHE LOVES YOU.    -   Danish

    Maestro Holding, Copenhagen 2022

    Anna Skov Jensen - THE INSIDER / INSIDEREN    -    Danish

    Teater Katapult - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023

            Scotsman Edinburgh Fringe First  Award  2023

             Thrilling - Financial Times


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