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THALA  ·  2002 

Thala means rhythm in Malayalam, the language of Kerala in southern India.

Led by the dancer Kalamandalam Jayaprakash Narayanan, (Prakash), we are introduced to a rhythmic universe that embraces natural as well as stylised and everyday rhythms.

“THALA” reveals an awareness of rhythm that ultimately leads to a striving for and respect of a greater universal harmony.

25 min.

Director, script, camera: Kim Dambæk

Editing: Mikael K. Ebbesen

Sonic treatment: Troels Bech

Producer: Kim Dambæk

Production: NORDLYS and Danish Film Institute, Filmworkshop 2002

Produced with funding from: Filmworkshop / Foreningen af Danske Sceneinstruktører /

                                          Danske Filminstruktører / Politiken Fonden

Festival: Art Film Fest Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia  2002

“Kim Dambæk´s ever attentive camera captures fascinating glimpses of daily life and has the Kathakali dancer, Prakash, explain philosophically about the rhythms of the dance as a universal means of communication and a way of achieving harmony with cosmos – whereby ”Thala” becomes a rare exotic and spiritual experience.”

                                                             Ebbe Iversen, Berlingske Tidende  ★★★★

Watch THALA here.

PASSAGES  ·  2000 

Tiny pearls of comic and dramatic intrigue are constantly taking place around us, should we care to look. In a series of kaleidoscopic scenes, the rhythmic drama of life unfolds at Copenhagen Airport.

7 min.

Director, script: Kim Dambæk

Cinematography: Erik Norsker

Editor: Anne Hovad Fischer, Søren Ottosen, Thomas Thercilsen

Score: Troels Bech Jessen

Producer: Kim Dambæk

Production: DFI Film Workshop & Nordlys production 2000

Festivals: Filmvideo, Montecatini, Italy 2001,  Mediaverkstedet Bergen, Norway 2002

Watch PASSAGES here.













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