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United Kingdom

Productions directed:


RAIN SNAKES –  P.O. Enquist       British premiere

Nordlys at Young Vic, London, 1996      

Cast: Sian Thomas, Imogen Claire, Robert David MacDonald, Jason Morell

Designer: Kathy Strachan    Lighting designer: Joe Lewis

Choreographer: Imogen Claire

Critics' Choice - Time Out


Contact Theatre, Manchester, 1996

Cast: Ciaran McIntyre, Ged McKenna, John Quinn, Stephen Ventura, Nitzan Sharron

Designer: Bernadette Roberts       Lighting designer: Simon Mills

Dambæk has ensured that this difficult work, as famous for its pauses as it is for its prose, is given a quality production at Contact Theatre - The Stage

HAPPY DAYS - S. Beckett

Citizens´ Theatre, Glasgow, 1992

Cast: Anne Myatt, Derwent Watson

Designer: Rosa Maggiora        Lighting designer: Mike Lancaster​

Dambæk´s great achievement is to humanise the play and ensure that palpable emotion floods the auditorium by the end. This was a revelatory production - The Sunday Times



THE TELEVISION PROGRAMME - M. Vinaver       British premiere

Gate Theatre, London,1992    

Cast: Joanna Bacon, Anastasia Malinoff, Guy Burgess, John Muirhead, Di Langford, Esther Turnage, Devon Scott, Alistair Cording, Marva Alexander, Toby Whithouse

Designer: Kathy Strachan    Costumes: Bernadette Roberts

Lighting designer: Johanna Town




Buxton Opera Festival, Canterbury Opera Festival,   1991

Cast: Steffanie Pearce, Rosemary Joshua, Philip Sheffield, Adrian Thompson, Alan Ewing, Grant Russell, Michael Hartley, Barry Webb

Conductor: Anthony Hose

Designer: Stewart Laing        Lighting designer: Gerry Jenkinson

Choreographer: Terry Gilbert



THE INNOCENTS - W. Archibald

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, 1991

Cast: Penny Bunton, Pauline Jefferson, Jane Louise Arnfield, Richard Heap, Stefan

Gudjosson, Ilan Ostrove, Claire Chapman, Alexandra Milman

Designer: Kathy Strachan             Lighting designer: Mike Lancaster

Composer: Ron Shaw



IN THE SOLITUDE OF COTTONFIELDS – B.M. Koltés      British premiere

Almeida Theatre, London, 1990   

Cast: Jonathan Phillips, Jeffrey Kissoon

Designer: Stewart Laing

Dambæk´s taut production heightens the play's inherent sensuality - The Guardian



THE HOUR OF THE LYNX - P.O.Enquist     British premiere

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh  1990     

Cast: Simon Donald, Carol Ann Crawford, Anne Scott Jones

Designer: Kathy Strachan     Lighting designer: Jeanine Davies

Composer: Ron Shaw

Festival: Edinburgh Festival Fringe   1990

Award: Scotsman Fringe First

Dambæk's translation is sure-footed and idiomatically sweet. His direction honours the play's lambent mysteries, drives on its powerful narrative and burnishes its bright imagery. -

The Observer


GHOSTS - H. Ibsen

Lyric Theatre, Belfast   1990

Cast: Stella McCusker, Robert French, John Hewitt, Joseph Crilly, Eileen     


Designer: Peter Ling      Lighting designer: Gerry Jenkinson

Festival: Ibsen Stage Festival, Nationaltheatret, Oslo   1990

One of the highlights of this festival - Aftenposten



BLENDING IN - M. Vinaver       

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 1989

Cast: Una McLean, Alison Peebles, Hilary Maclean, Alexander West, Stewart Preston

Designer: Sandra Jurca Avci    Lighting designer: Ace McCarron

Festival: Edinburgh Festival Fringe  1989

Dambæk's direction is, as usual, scrupulous and streamlined using a clever rearrangement of desks to point out the clockwork-like intricacy of the play. - The Times


JUST FRANK – F. Gilchrist, V. Foxall        

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 1989

Cast: Paul Morrow, Anne Downie, Hilary Maclean, James Gibb, Alexander West

Designer: Kathy Strachan           Lighting designer: Mike Lancaster

A lovingly, vigorously and excitingly performed hymn to survival ... an odyssey of 1980´s experience ... genuinely uplifting ... among the best ensemble acting I've ever seen ... relentless energy and surprise ... all credit to Dambaek who choreographs the action and orchestrates the text with great confidence and verve. - BBC  



Covent Garden Theatre, London 1986

Cast: Andrea Brooks, Nick Elsworth, Keith Harle, Ian Jeffs, Ona McCracken,

Robin McDonald, Richard Pocock, Richard Sandells, Arturo Venegas

Designer: Stewart Laing



HOMES AND GARDENS – M. Bunyan          Premiere

Cockpit Theatre, London, 1984

Cast: Cockpit Youth Company

Designer: Marion Davies

Composer: Mark Bunyan

Towards the end there are 42 named characters on stage and a professional piece with more than occasional nods towards the originality of Sondheim. The overall effect is quite stunning. The Times Educational Supplement




No Comps Prod. @ Cockpit Theatre, London, 1983

Cast: Gary Oldman, Sean Mathias, Mark Rolston, Keith Harle

Designer: Kim Dambæk     Costumes: Luiven Rivas Sanchez


This tale of human ritual, passion and sacrifice is given firm direction by Dambaek who adds an extra layer of fantasy by setting the piece in a Parisian house of pleasure - The Stage



Cockpit Theatre, London, 1983

Cast: Cockpit Youth Company

Designer: Marion Davies

Dambæk´s circus style production, full of sinister adult clowns putting the whey faced children through their paces, is a masterpiece of imagination and invention. - City Limits



SUBTLE BODIES - C. Barker        Premiere

Cockpit Theatre, London, 1983   

Cast: Cockpit Youth Company

Designer: Marion Davies

Composer: Mark Bunyan

Km Dambaek works wonders with a large cast ... An evening that is at once, powerful, funny and a brave advocacy of gay and bisexual love. - City Limits



Café Theatre, London, 1982

Cast: Michael Mears, Ray Roberts

Designer: Claudia Mayer




Cockpit Theatre London, 1982  

Cast: Cockpit Youth Company

Designer: Marion Davies

Composer: Ian McQueen

Performed with tribal fervor, energetic, arresting and always confident and original. A bruising evening. - Time Out


NIGHTPIECE - W. Hildesheimer

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 1982

Cast: Laurance Rudic, Rupert Farley

Designer: Colin MacNeil         Lighting designer: Allan Wands


FUNAMBULI - Commedia dell’arte street theatre

Covent Garden Piazza, London, 1980

Cast: Susannah Vernon Hunt, Joanna Lane, Rory McDermott, Richard McCabe

Costumes and masks: Claudia Mayer


LA MUSICA - M. Duras

Drama Centre London, 1980

Cast: Susannah Vernon Hunt, Anthony O’Callaghan, Odette Bennett, Joanna Lane, Hamilton Wilson

Designer: Caroline Burgess

Paul Morrow in JUST FRANK. Photo Sean Hudson

Anne Myatt in HAPPY DAYS. Photo Ivan Kyncl

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